September 30, 2020 @ 9:23 PM · fort worth, north richland hills


In 2020, #workfromhome became a lifestyle for most. In fact, these days it feels like our kitchens are used for work-related Zoom meetings more often than they’re used for dining with family. Although many of us are slowly returning to work, there are many of us who are still working from home with cabin fever reaching an all-time peak. Fortunately, there are healthy ways to cope. Today, we will break down three simple methods to cope with cabin fever while working from home. 


Step Outside to Break Your Cabin Fever

If you are still working from home, it is imperative that you keep a daily practice of stepping outside to get fresh air to help alleviate your cabin fever. There are many benefits to taking this simple step. For example, getting fresh air boosts your mood and vitamin D levels. The best source of light and vitamin D is outdoors, and light has a tendency to elevate one’s mood.


Staying focused while working from home can be difficult because many of us have a lot of distractions. Take the time to step outside to improve your concentration. Studies have shown that taking a walk in nature can reduce your waning attention and improve focus. 


Also, getting fresh air improves your overall brain function. We know that oxygen is essential to our bodies. For our brain, in particular, oxygen helps to improve its function, healing, and growth. As a result, taking a walk outside is incredibly beneficial. Each breath of fresh air will improve your overall brain function.


Define Your Working from Home Area

Your work requires a high level of productivity and focus, but that can seem impossible to achieve when you have a lack of privacy, a small space to work with or have to combat excessively loud noise in your background. One solution is to define your work area. To get started, choose a room or section where you can minimize distractions. This can be anywhere from a guest bedroom to a garage. 


You’ll want to maintain physical comfort as much as possible. Set up your monitor and desk at the appropriate height levels. If you work with a laptop, use an adjustable laptop stand to raise your screen to eye-level. You may want to invest in an ergonomic chair for its pain-reducing benefits


Find a Co-Working Space Near You

The best solution to reduce cabin fever while working from home is to find a co-working space near you. A co-working space is a shared office space for small businesses, freelancers, and other workers. It provides the convenience and environment of an office without the long-term commitment and costs. The flexible, short-term plans that a co-working space can offer are perfect in 2020 since many of us are slowly being called back into work.

At Eventfully Yours Company, we are excited to announce that starting October 1, 2020, we will be converting our 5,000 square foot venue into The Peoples Co-Working Space from Monday-Thursday between 8:30A.M.-5:30P.M. If you’re a work from homer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we created this co-working space for you! 


Our co-working space plans are affordable and include premium amenities including 

free parking, free coffee, free wifi, and free access to our kitchen. Our daily plan is $20 per day, our weekly plan is $72 per week, and our monthly plan is $190 per month. For a limited time when you sign up for our monthly plan, you get your first month for $100!


Private meeting room space is available for $15/hr. You also receive discounted rates for booking our event venue! 


With these three tips, you can manage your cabin fever while working from home for less than you pay for lunch in a week. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, sign up for a daily, weekly, or monthly plan here.