April 19, 2021 @ 11:19 AM

Spring is in full bloom and now it’s time to bring our families and friends together to celebrate Easter. Ironically, for a holiday that celebrates rebirth, we often see the same methods used to plan the celebration each year! 


At Eventfully Yours Company, we have experience in planning beautiful Easter celebrations. Today, we are sharing a list of Easter event ideas to inspire you this year. 


First, Choose a Location


Your location will set the tone for your Easter celebration. This decision is very important because it will guide you on what decorations, activities, etc. to choose. 


If you’re looking for an event venue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a ton of space, amenities and services, contact us at Eventfully Yours. Our venue expands to 5,000 square feet, so there is plenty of room available for your guests. We also offer event planning services that range from providing kitchen rentals to assisting with travel coordination. 


Set the Tables with an Easter-worthy Centerpiece

Easter is often overlooked in terms of the range of decorative ideas. Oftentimes, we put our main focus on gathering supplies to decorate the eggs, and finding discreet places to hide them. 


But, if you’re looking to upgrade your Easter event ideas, create DIY centerpieces that complement your table linens. Regardless if you decide on a cherry blossom easter egg tree or a metallic egg display, make sure that you add your own personal touch to the design.


Serve a Delicious Easter Brunch

Now that the tables are set, serve your guests a delicious brunch. If you are the host and chef of the party, create a simple and personal menu. Prepare a few dishes that reflect your family and friends, but remember to include a few classic ones such as:

  • French toast

  • Biscuits and gravy

  • Pecan pie

  • Garden salad

  • Fresh fruit


Set Up a Unique Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone knows that egg hunts are an Easter weekend staple. But due to the covid-19 pandemic, it may be difficult to stick to your family’s plan.


This year, take the opportunity to put a spin on the holiday tradition with a little bit of creativity. You can upgrade the egg decorations, create a new set of rules, or both! Here are a few examples:



Get Crafty with the Kids (and Adults!)

Easter crafts don’t end with dyeing eggs. There are more exciting crafts to be made! Get into the spirit by setting up a creative space at your Easter event. Bring tons of construction paper, makers, glue, templates, etc. to place down the center of the table. 


Make sure that you choose projects that will entertain kids and adults alike. Try making Easter bunny party hats or bookmarks that look like chicks. For slightly more challenging projects, try creating bunny-eared headbands or egg wreaths


Send Your Guests off with Easter Favors

As your Easter celebration winds down, and your guests start to go their separate ways, send them off with a party favor. Kids will get goody bags, but try to include adults in the fun as well! Whether you purchase or DIY the favor, it’s always a nice gesture to give something to commemorate the day. 


For adults, try something understated and reusable such as a DIY “bunny tails” mason jar. Use a white, gray, or brown pom pom and cardstock to create the head on top of the jar. Then fill it with round candies that are of the same color. Finally create a tag that says, “Bunny Tails” and use a mini clothespin to keep it in place.


We hope you are now inspired to try different Easter event ideas for your family and friends. If you need help with finding an event venue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact us at Eventfully Yours Company.